Simplifying the organization of your notes

iFilebox® is an intuitive, simple to use tool to organize your notes into folders. If you understand the concept of a filing cabinet, you will pick-up on how to use iFilebox. Other note applications complicate the process to create and manage your notes. iFilebox is a perfect balance to create, organize, file, alphabetize, protect, and access your notes. To further support ease of organization, notes can be color coded. Information held by iFilebox can also be password protected.

The iFilebox interface is consistent with your iPhone interface. We took the pain out of organizing your thoughts so that iFilebox will become a tool you can depend on.

Create, organize and manage folders
  • Create an unlimited number of folders with unique names
  • Search folders
  • Protect file folders with passwords
  • Alphabetize folders
  • Create a favorite list of folders

Organize your notes
  • Create multiple notes within folders
  • Organize notes in an easy to scan screen
  • Protect (lock) information when password protected

Manage your notes
  • Email notes
  • Select from multiple colors for notes
  • Select fonts and font size
  • Interface is consistent with iPhone notes

Customize your folders
  • Create your own unique names for file folders
  • Add password protection to your file folders
  • Include reminder dates
  • Choose from our custom colored notes

iFilebox is a simplified tool for managing and organizing your notes. Start now to begin organizing and filing your notes!